TAI Offers Services Which Include
o DNA Analysis - Identifiler, MiniFiler, Y-STR Typing and Amelogenin (sex determination)
o DNA Testing of Difficult or Archival Samples
o Complete Evidence Examination and Documentation
o Biological Fluid Identification and General Serological Testing, Amylase Diffusion, p30 Protein Testing, etc.
o Blood Spatter Analysis and Interpretation
o Gunshot Residue Testing (Particle Analysis)
o Shoe Print, Tire Track and Tool Mark Analysis
o Crime Scene Examination and Reconstruction
o Development of Specialized Analysis Techniques
Additional Services Offered
o Complete Case Evaluation and Review of Discovery
o Monitor Testing Performed by Other Laboratories
o DNA Lectures and Education - General, Technical and Case-Specific
Trial Preparation
o Educate Attorneys as to the Significance of Scientific Evidence
o Assist Attorneys with Scientific Issues in Preparation for Trial
o Assist with the Cross Examination of Opposing Experts
o In-Court Consultation
o Expert Testimony by Court-Qualified Experts
o Other Consultation